we do

We’re a social enterprise and a worker co-op, and our aims are:

To increase consumption, availability and knowledge of real bread by:

  • Producing real bread in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
  • Making our bread available to a wide range of people.
  • Creating a ‘food hub’ where a range of small food businesses can realise their own visions while collaborating and supporting each other.
  • Offering food-based workshops and classes which empower people to develop their cooking and baking skills and improve their health.

To provide an ethical and enjoyable livelihood and workplace to its employees:

  • Pay a living wage as an absolute minimum.
  • Creating maximum-hour working weeks for all employees and taking on new staff where the maximum limit is reached.
  • Encouraging each member to have creative input when formulating new lines so everyone has an intellectual stake in the business.
  • Using a flat wage structure and reaching decisions by consensus instead of majority vote.

To tread lightly on the environment:

  • By using ethically sourced and where possible local ingredients.
  • By minimising packaging and using recycled packaging.
  • By using an energy supplier that sources as much power from renewables as possible.