The co-op members

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The members of the co-operative and their friends

ZIG has been working with food for many years having worked in four different bakeries.  All of them used organic flour and made bread using only sourdough fermentation. He has studied food as an aspect of health completing a diploma in Nutrition and a BSc in Herbal Medicine. He travelled for many years and spent some time staying and working on farms and communities that were experimenting with organic, bio-dynamic and permaculture growing techniques. He has worked in practice for many years advising patients on diet, health and prescribing herbal medicines. Alongside setting up a community bakery he can currently be found picking hawthorn, bilberries and elderberries to make winter tonic tinctures.

PHIL’s interest in food began with a concern for the provenance of the things he bought and ate including concerns about industrial food production methods stripping nutrition and flavour from food, in exchange for cheap production costs and high production volumes. A happy consequence of this desire to make and eat properly produced food was his realisation that food made this way just tastes better. After gaining a degree in English & Philosophy and subsequently retraining as an arboricultural surveyor, he was drawn back to the kitchen, this time a commercial one, and baking craft bread. As his skills improved, so did his responsibilities and soon he was running the whole bakery, having created a profit making bakery that supplied real, slow fermented, high quality bread to bars, restaurants and customers across Leeds. After working as a baker for this time he feels he has found a career that will be satisfying for many years to come.

LIZZIE moved to Leeds in 2004 to study Philosophy and was actively involved in various environmental campaigns and projects as a student, with a particular concern about climate change. Over the last few years, Lizzie has focused her energy on food sustainability and has been working within the local food movement as a Food Co-ops Advisor for Sustain and Coordinator of the Bardon Grange project, a student and community food growing project at Leeds University Union. Lizzie spent the first half of 2013 in The Gambia learning and sharing skills and knowledge with various community food growing and sustainability projects, before coming back to the UK and joining Leeds Bread Co-op in September 2013. She’s passionate about good food, food that tastes great and that’s good for people and for the planet. You can often catch Lizzie pedalling around the streets of Leeds with bread in her panniers or busying herself with Leeds Permaculture Network activities, for which she also works part-time.

ISAAC studied English Language at the University of Manchester with a view to become a food journalist, but decided in his final year that the best way to express his passion for food would be to work directly in the industry. Since graduating and moving back to Leeds, Isaac has worked at a few bakeries and restaurants in and around the city including Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton, before starting at Leeds Bread Co-op in January 2014. He’s excited to be baking some great bread for the people of Leeds.

HANNAH studied Social Anthropology at the University Manchester to pursue her interest in the awesome diversity of people and how they interact with each other. Working in events and project co-ordination, finance and administration in the public and charity sectors has given her a broad basis of experience that she’s used in her work with various local community groups. She really enjoys volunteering on land based projects and has a strong interest in natural building and alternative, sustainable ways of living. A love of supporting others to find and follow their passions has developed into her spending much of her time training in and practicing personal development and holistic therapies. She is currently living in a local housing co-op which, combined with her role in the Bread co-op has solidified a passion for finding ways for people to work well together in non-hierarchical groups. Her deep-seated love for sustainable, ethical, tasty food and the cultures surrounding them have sparked an excitement about what a sustainable, alternative food policy would look like in practice.