Roast Potato & Rosemary

Roast Potato & Rosemary Bread is back this week as our special. This is a rich and tasty loaf with a crumb softened with roasted potatoes and rosemary infused throughout. We give the bread a full bake to rich golden colour. A great sandwich bread, or enjoy it with a big bowl of soup or stew. Makes excellent cheese on toast.


This is what Jeffrey Hamelman has to say about this loaf:

“Toward the end of the eighteenth century, numerous grain failures had taken a devastating toll on the populations of Europe. People were hungry, civil unrest lurked in the poorer classes of society, and governments were scared. In an effort to fill bellies and keep the peace, attempts were made to develop breads that included other ingredients, from barley and oats to peas to potatoes. Most of those experiments amounted to little, but somehow potato bread found a place of acceptance among bread bakers and consumers alike…I am fond of the taste of potato bread, and eating it makes me think of how tenuous the food supply always is, and how hunger has always been a fact of life for so many people at all times”

From J. Hamelman’s book “Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes”

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