Many many thanks crowdfunders!

Many many thanks for everyone who pledged money on our crowdfunding website.

We have surpassed our target and still have 20 days to go! For those who would still like to donate (and get themselves a reduced cost bread subscription or other gifts…or better still give them as presents to loved ones…) you can still do so. Extra money raised will go towards buying other equipment….and there’s lots of it: mixers, benches, sinks, scales,
bannetons, scrapers, etc.

We still need money to buy this extra equipment, as well as helping us pay
rent, insurance, salaries and providing a safety net for the first few
months of business.

We are hoping to raise the extra finances through loans from people who
support the bakery. Bank loans are a very last resort!

If you are interested in loaning money to the bakery as *loanstock* please
have a look at the bread bond document below.

*Loanstock or “Bread bond” document (doc here) and (pdf here)*

We are looking for loanstock of a minimum of £250, and are offering
variable interest rates from 0% to 4% per annum over 3 or 5 years. We can
send you our financial overview and business plan on request.

Please get in touch if you have any queries, thoughts or suggestions.

Many many thanks again!

We are hoping to start baking bread early next year….ideally starting in

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