Bread Subs FAQ

What is a bread subscription?

A bread subscription is a regular order of bread that we will make and deliver to your local collection point once or twice a week (depending on your subscription). It works like a veg box scheme where you make regular payments and the farm sends you seasonal veg. With us, we will send you whatever bread you have ordered and deliver it to a local collection point.

Where do I collect my bread?

You can collect your bread from the collection point in your local area. There are a number of collection points across Leeds in neighbourhoods like Bramley, Woodhouse, Chapel Allerton, and the city centre.

When do I collect my bread?

Details of the opening hours of your chosen collection point can be found on our collections point map.

How do I pay?

You can start a bread subscription by making a bank transfer, setting up a standing order, or by PayPal. You can either have a 4 week or a continuous subscription. Payment for continuous subscription is by standing order.

What if I miss my slot?

Because of the short shelf life of fresh bread we encourage staff at our collection points to eat any bread that remains at the end of the day after your collection day. We cannot give you a refund for uncollected bread.

What if I go on holiday?

We encourage you to give the bread to a friend in the event that you go on holiday during your subscription. They will thank you! If you are leaving for an extended period or going on a longer holiday and wish to pause your bread subscription, please email us at giving us at least one weeks notice so that we don’t waste produce. Please remember that all our loaves are slow fermented and we start making your bread a good few days in advance.

Can I change my order halfway through my subscription?

Yes, you can change your order if you give us at least one weeks notice. Just email us at

What are the broader benefits of bread subs?

They allow us to dramatically reduce waste. We know how many loaves to make each shift as we know what our customers will need on a week by week basis. What that also means is that we can offer you the bread at a good price since do not need to factor in wastage costs (which many small suppliers need to do). Also, it means you can regularly get our bread and because we sell directly to you, we are able to get feedback and get know our customers.

Can I become a bread collection point?

Yes. We will deliver bread to any collection point that has at least 12 subscribers. Please contact us to discuss.